Tips for experienced candidates

Watch below and figure out the trick for candidates with experience to making the last step and get the offer

The video above answers three questions.

1. How many cases do I need to practice until I’m completely ready?

For some people it’s 20, for some it’s 30-40, discover how many you need by watching the video above

2. I’ve had actual case interviews but failed to get to the second round or get an offer. How can I improve to actually get an offer?

A. What are the 4 habits that candidates who actually get offers have compared to you?

B. How do you use small talk to get an offer?

C. Follow-up after an interview? No way.

D. How is my behavioral interview affecting my chances?

3. What other things can I do other than practice interviews to boost my chances of getting an offer?

A. How does internal referral work? Does it help me?

B. Power posing helps me get into BCG, you have to be kidding right?

C. Mimicking human behavioral traits can help you too.

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