According to ScoreCard, your resume was rejected

Mckinsey Recruiter: Your resume scored 70 out of 100 points, way below our resume cutoff of 90 points for a first round interview. Sorry you cannot proceed with the recruiting process.

Most candidates don’t fail in the case interview process, in fact, more than 80% of applicants to top consulting firms can’t get through the resume screening for an interview slot. So how do you know for sure that you will be selected and your case practices will be put into use? Welcome to our proprietary Resume ScoreCard, your objective criteria for resume screening.

The max that a candidate can score on a scorecard is 100 points with a possible 5 point bonus. Cutoff for Mck/BCG/Bain Interviews are at 90 points, for second tier firms are at 85 points, and 80 points for other firms.

Resuem Scorecard

Note: The above ScoreCard is designed to be a rough approximation of the criteria used by various consulting firms and a useful way of assessing your resume’s effectiveness.

Consulting Resume CutoffNote: These point cutoffs are not absolute hard cutoffs but rather a ballpark figure that you can evaluate your chances of an interview against.

Sample resume scoring before editing.

The following is a sample resume evaluation using the scorecard. The candidate scored 40 points and most likely won’t be selected for an interview.

Consulting Resume Scored Before EditingSample resume scoring after editing.

After editing, the same resume went from 40 points to 85 points, and is now good enough to be selected for a first round interview with firms such as Deloitte and Oliver Wyman. This just goes to show that with efforts put into what you have already done and into slightly modifying your resume, your chances of success can be greatly improved.

Consulting resume scored after editing

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Comments (2)

Does the scorecard also apply for MBAs and overseas MBB offices – particularly in developing country (southeast Asia) offices?

Going by your guide I would probably score no more than 60 points (prestige schools – top 25 MBA and top 10 MSc, brand name company, and leaderships), yet I scored an interview with each MBB , big4, ATK and cognizant.
I didn’t get an offer and have moved on to different things, but I wonder if they will invite me again if I submit my resume again.

This score list mostly applies to US candidates applying to US companies and is for undergraduate and master’s only. The screening has a higher weight on previous work experience for MBA companies and is slightly different for other offices because the candidates don’t come from top universities in the US.

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