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Who are we?

We are a group of case interview experts and ex-BCG, ex-Bain consultants who know consulting and the case interview process inside out. With our knowledge, we want to help you get into top consulting firms by providing you with the best practice materials. Our motto is “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”.

A word from the founder

Hi, I am Jackie Zhao, case interview expert and founder of CasePrep Master. As a candidate from Stanford University, I passed 15 out of 16 case interviews and landed 5 consulting job offers at BCG, Deloitte S&O, Roland Berger, etc. When I was a candidate, I found many case prep materials to be obsolete, inaccurate and offered at an unreasonably high price. Here at CasePrep Master, I hope to solve all these problems along with my partners. I believe in the power of excellent preparation, and aims to provide the best, most affordable case prep material to you to give you a best shot at an offer at a top consulting firm.

Why are we here?

We found consulting to be satisfying careers and believe in the value that consulting brings and the need to place well-qualified, talented individuals into the consulting industry. We believe in the power of education, and aims to provide affordable material to everyone so that the most qualified candidates get into consulting. We want our services to be affordable and offer an equal playing field to all candidates, regardless of financial resources. Because of this, all of the proceeds of our resources goes into website maintenance, content creation and marketing to reach more candidates.

How are we different?

Through our core product, “Ace The Case” Program, we have been able to help hundreds of candidates get interviews at top consulting firms and even land offers. Our product is advantageous in several regards.

We are the only case interview preparation website to offer real notes taken by actual candidates during real case interviews.

Our 9 real case interviews span across candidates who are beginners, with some experience, and very experienced, to give our viewers a comparison on good and bad performances.

Our 100+ comments provide tips and tricks to not only the hard skills needed in consulting such as how to phrase a hypothesis, but also to essential soft skills needed to ace the case such as what to say when you get stuck in a case.

Welcome to CasePrep Master

(from Case Interview Experts and ex-BCG, ex-Bain consultants)

Hi, my name is Jackie Zhao, a case interview expert. As a candidate, I passed 15 out of 16 case interviews and landed 5 consulting jobs offers in BCG, Deloitte S&O, Roland Berger, etc. Here at CasePrep Master, our group of case interview experts and ex-BCG, ex-Bain consultants have helped hundreds of aspiring candidates get offers from top firms like Mckinsey, BCG and Bain.

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